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Meet My Puppy, Rudy!

Meet My Puppy, Rudy!

I made it a personal goal about a year ago to welcome a dog into my life. I’ve grown up with an English Creme Golden Retriever (he’s 9 now) who I wanted to be a part of my new dog’s life. I’m also planning to move to a studio in Chicago soon, and while my introverted heart is so excited for the space, I don’t want to be completely alone.

I’ve been a dog person for my whole life, and there wasn’t really anyone around me telling me a new addition would be a bad idea. So after some budgeting and extensive thought, I found a dog that will fit my work-from-home lifestyle, as well as be comfortable living in a big city.

So, here’s Rudy! He’s a miniature dachshund who LOVES snuggling. I brought him home last weekend after a 16-hour round-trip road trip with my mom and boyfriend. We picked him up nearly in Nebraska and had a whole day heading home in the car to bond.

Rudy is so sweet, and can always be found sitting (or sleeping) as close to me as possible. He’s pretty well behaved, except for the occasional accident in the house, and I’m still teaching him my hair isn’t a toy. Otherwise, he’s eager to be a good buddy, and I’ve loved having him around. He’s already learned to “sit!”

The biggest thing we’re working on is getting him to sleep through the night. He’s not a fan on his crate, and would much rather be sleeping in bed with me. It’s been difficult for both of us to sleep, as he barks all night. It seems every time he quiets down, it’s time for me to take him outside to go potty. I hate that I have to leave him locked up all night, and can’t wait for him to be big enough to sleep outside the crate.

Overall, it’s been so great welcoming Rudy home. I think it’s the perfect time of year: the heat is dying down so we can spend hours playing outside, but it’s still not so cold I dread taking him out at night. If anyone has puppy tips for crate training or basic training, let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas!

Our Golden, Wrigley, has been such an incredible factor in my mental health. Not only is he a huge, supportive bear, but he can always tell when something is wrong. When I’m sick, he never leaves my side. Rudy is already showing some of the same characteristics. He loves snuggling into my neck, and when my anxiety was high, he seemed to sense it and calm down a bit to level with me.

I’m hoping the more he’s around Wrigley, he can learn form him. I’ve been blessed to have wonderful dogs around me since I was four-years-old, and I can already tell Rudy will be one, too. This is a new responsibility for me, and it’s quickly making me feel like more of an adult. Talk about a fun challenge! Every day is something new and a new part of his growing personality to discover.

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