Kelly Wynne - Editor-In-Chief

Kelly started JCTB in 2016 midst panic-attack and has since reached an audience of 10 million with just her take on anxiety. Though mental illness is a large factor in her life, she created JCTB to show all areas of her life, and the lives of others. In her free time, Kelly can be found writing (duh), exploring her Chicago hometown, and frequenting a handful of coffee shops. She's an avid reader, music listener, and dog lover. Kelly's writing talents have landed her in a variety of positions, most recently interning at Rolling Stone Magazine, writing about music at Atwood Magazine, and working on both a fiction and a nonfiction novel. 

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Annie Ketchmark - Creator

Annie is twenty-two and lives in Brooklyn with her violin and yoga mat. If she had a last meal it would be ice cream with a side of ice cream. Her career is music, every facet of music, though she is convinced (because how can we ever know for sure) that composing is her calling in life. She loves her dog, loves to read, and loves New York City.


Andie Shelton - Creator

A California native turned East Coast transplant, Andie draws her creative energy from the world around her. As a current student of Environmental Sciences she is an active conservationist and crunchy tree-hugger. At this time, she’s trying to adopt a minimalist/zero-waste lifestyle as she works toward a more intentional life. She is also working on a collection of short stories and poems loosely based on her own mental health story. When she has the time, she enjoys gardening or going on family hikes with her partner and their two dogs.


Anna Batsakutsas - Creator

Anna was born in New York City, but grew up in Athens, Greece. She is studying English and American Literature and teaches English to children mainly because she can overuse stickers and colorful pens. She reads, writes, travels, and tries to do all as often as possible. The sea is her safe spot, her dog is her soft spot.