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I’ve been spending so much time in Chicago lately and really getting to know it as an adult. Living in the suburbs for most of my life, I developed an early fear of the city. I don’t blame myself for that: Chicago can be testing if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time. But my time in New York made me such a city person, I’m no longer intimidated at the thought of living in Chicago. Ideally, I’ll be relocating there soon.

Until I get there full time, I’ve got tons of reasons to spend my spare time in the city. Robby lives on the North side, and we spend lots of days exploring the areas around him. My best friend, Ashlee, is in the city often, too. She works in the Loop and always has ideas for new lunch and dinner places. We meet downtown pretty regularly to try new spots, and we recently knocked The Hampton Social off our list. We’ve heard awesome things about the super girly, coastal spot, and we definitely weren't disappointed. 

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The Hampton Social is a super Instagramable spot, but it's so much more than that. We knew going into dinner there would be some prime photo opportunities. The people sitting on either side of us seemed to have the same idea. From selfies to waiter-taken photos, everyone took a moment before or after their meal to snap a photo of the summer-inspired decor. What you don't see in the photos online is how huge the restaurant is. The famous "Rosé All Day" sign hovers above just a small portion of the tables in the restaurant. There's another, bigger space with white, coastal decor, a generous bar, and a small, couch-lined room which hosted live music.

We were thrilled to find out the restaurant has a weekday Happy Hour which offers half off on pizza and wine (hell yeah!) So that’s exactly what we did.

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Ashlee and I split a pepperoni pizza, which was perfectly spicy, an order of the wood oven baked bread, and each ordered a glass of the Rosé of the day. We left with leftovers and a pretty low tab. For both of us, the meal totaled $28. I think we both expected to be paying much more, not only for the atmosphere but for the wine. 

Overall, the atmosphere was cute and welcoming, the service quick and helpful, and the food was impressive enough to be ordered again. It's a place I know we'll visit again, especially in the summer when the restaurant opens their windows and lets the summer air in! 

Next time you're in Chicago, check it out if you're looking for a girl's spot for a glass of wine, brunch, or a full meal. And definitely don't forget the Happy Hour! 

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