Playlist 1- March 1, 2018


It's here! The playlist page is live! 

I'm really excited to be starting this because music is such a huge part of my life. If you didn't already know, I write for an online music magazine, Atwood Magazine, where I get my fix of raving about my favorite artists. Still, this being my personal blog, I want to share my favorite things. It only seems right to let you in on what I'm listening to. You can expect to find themed playlists here, as well as random compilations of mismatched genres that I just happen to be playing on repeat. 

This first playlist is a bit of everything I've been listening to lately. From my beloved opener "Cold to the Touch" by Ralph, which makes me feel like a badass woman (who likes to dance to pop bops at stoplights,) to "Happiness, Missouri," a longtime favorite of mine by a longtime favorite band, there's really no reason these songs should fit together. But they do, because I love them all a lot. 

Listen, enjoy, and share! And let me know what kinds of things you want to see from my playlists in the future. 

Kelly WynneComment