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That 70s Style

That 70s Style

I don’t know too much about fashion, but people seem to really like my outfits, so I’ve decided to start sharing them.

I don’t think I have a set “style.” My only requirements for getting dressed are that I look pulled-together and the outfit feels like me. “Me” can be different every day. Sometimes it’s boho, sometimes it’s Kate Spade. And there are plenty of inbetweens.

I’ve been eying this t-shirt for a few weeks, and after returning to the store (and frantically searching through the pile for a small) I had a complete look. I feel a super retro vibe with this look, so my bell bottom jeans were a no-brainer.

I also rarely play with color, so this was out of the norm for me. It was refreshing to feel so bright, especially on a super hot summer day.

Here’s where I got everything in the look:

T-Shirt - Madewell

Jeans- Hudson Jeans (this pair is about a year old, so they no longer have the style. Here is a similar one.)

Necklace- Zina Kao

Shoes- Steve Madden

Clutch- I don’t know the brand, but here is a similar one 

Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters (from a few years ago- I've linked a similar pair)

Hair Ties- Madewell

What I learned from Hannah

What I learned from Hannah

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