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9 tips for rewarding spring cleaning

9 tips for rewarding spring cleaning

In my opinion, it’s never too early to start spring cleaning. And the concept of only doing a deep clean in spring is foreign to me: in my life, it’s seasonal. It’s triggered by random upsets in my life or a need to feel in control of and at peace with my surroundings. Cleaning can definitely sound like a chore, but it should be uplifting. And it isn’t limited to cleaning the floorboards and windows! A clean life is so much deeper than the surfaces of your home. Here’s what I’ve been doing to reduce negativity in my life and feel fresh.


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 If you don’t love cleaning days, this one won’t be too exciting...but getting a good layer of dust off of your living space can be so rewarding. Find a cleaning product you love. I always aim for Mrs. Meyer’s clean day multi-surface cleaner in Lavender. From hand soap to detergent, it’s my scent of choice because it’s beautifully light and makes me happy every time I get a whiff of it.


Moving your furniture around not only allows you to clean under the couch...and the bed...and the dresser… but gives a fresh perspective to your living environment. There’s no better way to feel inspired than to love the space you’re in. Use this as an opportunity to make a cozy space you want to spend time in. When that space starts to feel tired, change it again! You’ll be surprised how easily you can change the look of your space with things you already have. Get creative with pieces from different parts of the house, and check the attic or storage space for pieces you never use.

Air Out

Fresh air can do wonders. On a warmer day, air out your home, even just got a few minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly the cool air will lift your spirits and make your home feel clean and renewed.


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Delete and shred old documents or pieces of work you no longer need. Having more space on your computer or in your files will feel like a weight off your shoulder. There’s an art, and a reward, to decluttering.


From your desk to your assignments, you need to feel in control. Rearrange your desk so that the things you need most are easily accessible. Add some pops of color and inspirational quotes to inspire your best work. Get a planner or a wall calendar to stay on top of work and everything you need to do in your personal life.


Make your computer or phone background something uplifting. Whether that’s a pretty pattern or a photo of your dog, let your devices be something that sparks happiness, not dread of deadlines and unreturned texts.


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Keep seeing people on your social media feeds that you barely remember? Unfriend them! It may take time, but getting rid of unknown names can feel freeing and personal. Stick to keeping people you’ve had contact within the last year. Some removals may feel harsh, but if they aren’t benefiting you, they don’t need to be seeing your personal life on the internet. A helpful tip to eliminate on a slower basis is to unfriend strangers as their birthdays show up on your Facebook reminders. For other social media sites, you’ll have to be more creative.

Block Numbers

Is there anything worse than getting a text from someone you don’t want to talk to? Block them! That guy you almost dated, the gym that won’t stop calling for a membership opportunity, the toxic friend: none of them need to be in contact with you. If seeing their name on your phone would bring you down, it’s okay to be selfish.

Get A Haircut

Getting your hair done is such an easy change that can really change your look, as well as how you feel about yourself. Cutting off split ends is maybe more empowering than it should be, but I’m not complaining! Be experimental and try the haircut you’ve always wanted. There’s a small chance you won’t be happy with it, and if you aren’t, it’ll grow back soon enough!

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