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My Glossier Staples

My Glossier Staples

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If you follow me on social media, chances are you’ve seen my Glossier posts. I’ve been a loyal follower of the brand for about three years, and an official brand rep for just under a year. I chose to become a rep because I truly love the products Glossier makes. They’re incredible for my dry, sensitive skin, and give me a natural glow I haven’t found anywhere else. Once I added a few staples to my makeup and skincare collection, they never left, and I choose to share them with my followers in hopes that even just one person discovers a product that makes them feel as clean and confident as these products make me feel.

While I stand by pretty much everything Glossier makes, I have a few standout favorites.

You can purchase any of these items through my rep link. Bonus 10% discount if you’re a new Glossier shopper, and even returning guests get free shipping on orders over $30.

If you’re not sure if a product will be right for you, feel free to reach out to me and ask for advice!

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Balm Dotcom

There’s no better place to start because I own every flavor of this product. I love a good lip balm, and I haven’t found something sweeter and more moisturizing. The best thing about Balm Dotcom is it can be used elsewhere. If you’ve got dry patches you need to combat, the formula will moisturize just about everything and leave you smelling and feeling fresh. My personal favorite flavor is coconut- it’s not so much a Malibu Rum scent as it is light, refreshing, and nostalgically beachy.

I use it: On lips, the tip of my nose, and cheekbones and temples for extra glow.


Priming Moisturizer

Glossier compares this product to a jean jacket, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s that extra support your skin needs in order to be prepped for a long day of makeup and conquering everything on your to-do list. The formula is super light and breathable, perfectly priming your skin for foundation or cooling you off after a long day. Technically, the product is designed as a primer, but I use it as a daily moisturizer as well.

I use it: To prep my face for makeup after a water-based toner, and before bed for extra moisture.


Priming Moisturizer Rich

This stuff has single-handedly saved my dry skin. Not only is the eucalyptus scent so alluring, but the formula is thick, but not greasy or cakey. It absorbs into my skin an immediately defeats dry spots for the day. I am confident in applying my makeup over it knowing that dry outbreaks will be hidden and my makeup won’t cake up.

I use it: Every winter day as a moisturizer before bed and a primer before makeup.


Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

It took me a while to invest in this mask because I had so many others already, but now it’s my go-to. It boosts the shine in my skin while adding needed nutrients. After I wash it off, I always feel like I have a healthier, colorful complexion and clear pores. The mask burns slightly the first time you wear it, which feels like it’s really doing its job!

I use it: Once a week to replenish when I feel my skin is looking dull.


Moon Mask

This mask was the first I bought from Glossier. It’s ultra moisturizing, and it never fails to amaze me how much of the thick, water-like formula is absorbed into my skin quickly. I just recently began using this mask in unison with the Galaxy Pack, and I have never been happier with the outcome of a mask.

I use it: After using Galaxy Pack or on its own when my skin is craving moisture.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

This product is so amazing that my mom stole my bottle and I had to buy a new one. Apply it to dry skin to remove makeup or to wet skin for a deeper cleanse. The two-in-one product smells great and feels so light. There’s no way you won’t feel ultra clean when you wash it off. I swear every time I use it, my skin feels new.

I use it: In the shower to remove makeup and wash face before bed.

Body Hero

The Body Hero duo smells so good I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it. For someone with incredibly dry skin, the lotion doesn’t cut it for everyday use, but it’s the perfect pick me up for quick moisture and a fresh scent. The body wash, however, is an incomparable oil-based formula that leaves my skin moisturized and shiny after every shower. The wash allows me to have glowing skin all over, something I never dreamed of with the dryness that hits me seasonally.

I use it: Every time I shower.

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Skin Tint 

I love Glossier’s Skin Tint because it’s so lightweight. The super sheer formula is just enough for imperfection coverage but allows your real skin to breathe. The color will adapt to your skin tone and match with no issues. While the coverage is light, it’s definitely buildable. I use nine drops for each application but will add an additional two or three to areas that need a little extra help. The bottle looks small but lasted me a full year before I needed to reorder.

I use it: In shade Medium on days I want my skin to feel free and natural.


Stretch Concealer

THIS STUFF. I am no longer afraid of zits because when I get them, it’s like they don’t exist. Just a little bit goes a long way, from strategic concealing to covering blemishes. The concealer truly stretches with your skin, never looking like a buildup, and constantly moving with your fading makeup as the day goes on.

I use it: In shade Medium to cover blemishes and imperfections and to add more coverage under a layer of Skin Tint.


Generation G

I’m a sucker for a good lipstick, and the Generation G colors are to die for. While I only own Jam at this point, I’m aiming to expand my collection big time. The colors are buildable. One swipe on will only be a sheer tint, but if you layer it, you can quickly build a full-on lip color. How versatile they allow for a night out or a walk around the block with very little work.

I use it: Anywhere, anytime to add a pop of color to my makeup. 


Cloud Paint

I've never been big on blush because it makes my already-red complexion too pink. Cloud Paint in Dusk is perfect for my skin tone and lets me feel more bronze than blushing. It's the right amount of color for my cheeks without overdoing it. The creamy formula is so easy to apply and a small drop goes a long way, meaning the tube will last you forever. 

I use it: Every day on a full face of makeup or on a bare face to add a little color. 

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