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Tips on coping with anxiety

Tips on coping with anxiety


Hi Everyone,

I have absolutely loved reading your comments and direct messages. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to respond to all of them, but please know I have read your stories, your concerns and your questions. It means the world that my frustrated words have struck a chord with so many.

In my previous post, I explained that panic attacks, while a big part of my personal history, are becoming close to rare in my day to day life (woohoo!) That doesn't mean my anxiety is gone, I've just found a healthy and productive way to cope with it. Many of you have asked for advice, so I decided the best way to reach as many people as possible was to lay out my favorite tricks.

I do feel unqualified to give you heavy advice on things like medication. Everyone is different when it comes to that. But due to so many requests, I thought I would lay out what works for me in terms of natural coping. I just made the move from Chicago to New York City, a time period that could have caused much uneasiness and mental stress, but was able to do it gracefully due to my routines. Hopefully, some of these things will help you personally or will inspire other ideas that work for you.

Find a “safe” environment

Create a place in which you are able to disconnect from the outside world and calm yourself. This can be your bedroom, a coffee shop, a park bench…somewhere you feel you can go to be alone and reconnect with yourself. For me, this is just shutting the door to my room and flipping my phone over so I’m not distracted. Find what works for you. Tell yourself that you are safe where you are. Mental communication is everything. Over time, this place will become a naturally calming force.

Trust your body

It’s important to listen to how you are feeling, believe in your intuition and make decisions based on your best interest. The day I began handling my anxiety and panic well was the day I decided to put my needs before the interests of others. Try to be confident in your ability to control your life. Take it one day at a time. Say no to plans you feel threatened by. It may take time for you to become comfortable trusting yourself, accepting your needs and finding balance. Don’t coddle yourself; push yourself, allow yourself to experience mildly provoking situations and don’t purposely avoid anxiety-including activities. If it gets to be too much, allow yourself to step out, and don’t feel guilty about it.

Try Meditation

Meditating gives your mind time to relax and allows you to disconnect from your physical body. Yoga is also a good option to channel your energy into something physical. Exercise in any form is good for directing your energy into something more productive. 

Create a Playlist

I have an incredible relationship with music. It’s something I plan to write about in my future posts. For me, the right music is everything in ANY situation, especially when I need to relax or change my mindset. I’ve linked my go-to playlist here

Get In Touch With Your Senses

Essential oils and fragrances can be really helpful in calming your body. Look into essential oil diffusers and relaxing scents like Lavender. Sweet Orange is my personal favorite because it has a very happy tone. You can carry oils in your bag and apply them behind your ears for quick relief when out in public. Spray fragrances can have the same effect. My favorite line is Indigo Wild’s Zum spray. The Sea Salt scent is AMAZING.

Again, I’m sorry I am unable to respond to all of your personalized response. I hope this can be of some help in learning where to start when creating a coping routine.

Thank you again for all of the love.

- Kelly  


Sometimes you just need to stop

Sometimes you just need to stop

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In regards to "Anxiety Is An Invalid Excuse"