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Testing the Nude Lipstick vs. Nipple Color Theory

Testing the Nude Lipstick vs. Nipple Color Theory

Does “nude” refer to more than just the color when picking lipstick? Maybe.

In the past month, I’ve read so many headlines about how lipstick users should find their perfect nude shade by matching the lipstick color to their nipples. How does one do this, I’ve asked? Well, I did it accidentally and it turned out perfectly.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for any of us to go to Sephora and ask to compare a shade to our breasts, but there is something to the color-match idea. The skin in more sensitive places, like your nipples and lips, is usually a darker color than your main skin tone, giving a nice contrast to the color of your face. Putting your nipple color on your face can add a dynamic accent to the natural coloring, while keeping your whole face looking natural and tasteful.

I had been wanting to test out Glossier’s “Cake” Generation G lip tint for a while and I bought it on a whim during my last trip to the Chicago pop-up shop. I was blown away at the color for my skin tone. It’s the perfect nude I’ve been searching for for YEARS. I remembered the nipple theory when I realized how much I loved the color on my lips, so I checked the match, and in the canister, the lipstick is a true match to my nipple color.

On my lips, however, the nude color holds more of a red undertone. I assume this is because I’ve got naturally red-tinted lips. My natural coloring combined with the nude color creates a peachy pop of nude that doesn’t blend into the background of my face, but also doesn’t declare itself a major statement. I’m in love with the way it looks with my normal makeup routine.

So here’s my method for matching moving forward.

  1. Know what your nipple color is, generally. What is the undertone? Keep that in mind next time you go to the store.

  2. Ask an associate. Don’t hesitate to say you’re looking for a nude with a red or pink undertone, depending on your skin type. The nipple part can be omitted.

  3. Try many colors. In my experience, nude lipsticks are hard to find, and even harder to perfect. A beautiful red is an easy buy, but nudes can take some research. Go into your search knowing what kind of lipstick you want. Liquid vs. solid can help you eliminate some contenders you know you won’t like. Also, know your favorite beauty brands, but be prepared to make a change.

  4. If the formula is thin and buildable (like Glossier,) be prepared for a surprise when the perfect shade mixes with your natural lip color.

Welcome, Glossier Chicago!

Welcome, Glossier Chicago!