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DIY: LUSH Henna Hair Dye

DIY: LUSH Henna Hair Dye

I have been patiently waiting to dye my hair with LUSH’s Henna hair dye for a few weeks with nerves and procrastination. I’ve never dyed my hair at home. I’ve been going to a salon to perfect my color since high school, so how to change the color successfully at home is a foreign concept to me.

I’ve always been afraid to use a box dye because I’ve been told it would ruin my hair. LUSH’s Henna dye, however, is natural and promises shine and volume. Instead of penetrating the hair, the dye coats it and reacts to the color you’ve already got, chemically treated or natural. The idea of having a hair color unique to me from the formula was intriguing, like one of those green lipsticks that changes to your perfect shade of pink. So I bought a bar, which retail for only $27.95 (how awesome is that compared to a $150 salon charge?) and waited until I had the time and a friend’s assistance to attempt it.

LUSH has four color choices, and I chose the color Brun, a chocolate brown color, which has a little more red than I expected. Before the dying process, my hair had been chemically dyed a dark brown, but had severely faded to a dull brown/red with blonde spots from the sun.


Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Research which hair color you want. There are some great Pinterest and YouTube tutorials on the hair dyes. Head over to LUSH and ask an associate how the process will be for your hair.

  2. Set aside LOTS OF TIME for the process. It’s messy and long, so you’ll need a free afternoon or evening.

  3. Cut up the bar of Henna. Put it in a glass bowl. Pour boiling water over the Henna and mix until creamy, and a bit thick. I probably used two and a half cups of water, but I’ve read some colors require up to four.

  4. Apply the Henna to your hair. Make sure you wear gloves. You can wrap your head in saran wrap after if you’d like to bring out the reds.

  5. Wash off after 3ish hours.


Here’s what I learned during the process.

I looked at the Henna in store twice before purchasing. The first LUSH associate told me to keep the dye on my hair for two hours. The second told me I’d need around six hours with my length and thickness. I opted for three, mostly because I was eager to see the color change after the hours. I’m happy with the color this gave me, but can see the benefit of letting the color sit longer to really make the color rich.

I didn’t expect the process to be as messy as it was. The Henna is really chunky, and even after stirring for 10 or 15 minutes to combine the hot water, it still wasn’t perfectly smooth. The chunks of Henna flew EVERYWHERE when we died it. Make sure you wear an old t-shirt, rubber gloves, and line the floor/sink with newspaper or cut up trash bags. Your floor will take a beating, as will your skin. Ask a LUSH associate for a sample of Ultra balm and generously line your hairline all around your head before applying the Henna. I also used a LUSH massage bar on all of my bare skin ahead of applying for easy cleanup. No one wants green stains on their face, right?

I am so happy I had a friend to help me get the harder to reach spots and watch movies with me while I waited for it to dry. I’m thrilled with how the color turned out. Neither of us are hair experts, or even remotely know what we’re doing when it comes to home dye for that matter, but we feel the color looks natural and even throughout, even though it was a bit of a free-for-all while applying. My favorite part about the process is how shiny it made my hair. I’m in love with the glow I’ve never been able to achieve with my dry, curly hair.

I used the entire Henna bar, though I probably could have done just fine with four squares. In the future, I’d use less of the bar and leave the dye on another hour or two to really let the color soak in.

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